In West Haven, CT

Provenzano's Deli on Sawmill Road Serves the Best On-the-Go

Breakfast Options

in West Haven!

Breakfast Sandwiches



Juices &

LaVazza Coffee!

Add Cheese


Add Ham or Bacon


Add Sausage, Pastrami, or Steak


Breakfast on a Roll


One egg, bacon, ham, & homefries.

Double Breakfast on a Roll


Two eggs, bacon, ham, & homefries.

Italian Bomber


Two Eggs, Hot Capicola, 

Sweet Sopresatta, Sharp Provolone.

Bell Peppers & Double Egg


Bell Peppers and Two Eggs.

Double Egg Sandwich


Two Eggs.

Double Egg + Bacon OR Ham


Two Eggs with Choice of Bacon OR Ham.

Double Egg + Sausage


Two Eggs with Sausage.

Double Egg + Steak or Pastrami


Two Eggs with Choice of Steak or Pastrami.

Assorted Muffins


Choose of Daily Variety of

Assorted Muffins.

Buttered Roll


Fresh Bread and Butter.



Fresh Plain Bagel.

Bagel w/ Cream Cheese


Fresh Bagel with Cream Cheese.

153 Saw Mill Rd 

West Haven, CT 06516


Monday – Friday  06:00AM – 05:00PM

Saturday    07:00AM – 03:00PM

Sunday    Closed.


Tel: (203) 937-7827